The days are designed to teach us that with giving ourselves time to relate to our inner world.  Invite space into our systems of the body.  Our bodies will be less stressed and more able to cope with the external world.  Increasing our immune system for one.  It is a great way for you to know your own needs and build on your understanding that you know what is best for you.  "All the answers are with in ourselves".  We just need time to listen. 

The tension in ourselves mentally and physically are habitual and quick often we have built enough of a wall around them that we are even unaware they are there until the problem becomes bigger and you can not ignore it any more.

The body is designed to rebuild and heal.  Just look at your skin when you cut it.  When we sleep so much repairing is done. For us to change cellular memory so that we can be relaxed and free of tension enables our bodies to self heal.  To let go and not hold on. For these changes to take place we need to practice. Practice relaxation, then we start to change things from the inside of each cell.  We all live in a very busy 21st century and our flight and fight response is so over active, it is so important that we bring back into balance the two systems. Fight & Flight - Relaxation.


You are invited to a talk by me, at The Sangha House on 1st November at 7pm, Pranayama (Breath Control) the benefits to our well being. Check out there web site for other events up and coming.  .

Working with the Five Elements with in your yoga practice. On Saturday the 8th December at The Sangha House, Taunton. 2pm till 4pm.
Linking into the our relationship with earth, water, fire, air and either. How these elements influence us and which ones lead our personality. The practice will include meditation and asana practice to draw our focus inside and in tune us towards the answers within and our relationship to the nature beings we are. Booking through The Sangha House.

Yoga Work Shop ''Exploring the energy being you are''. Saturday 10th November, The day will start at 10am and finish at 3.30pm. We will stop at 2.30pm to share food. Everyone bringing a Vegetarian or Vegan dish to share. I will provide a raw food smoothie on our break (appox 12pm) with fresh fruit and teas & coffee. You will enjoy a day of working with your charkas and the movement of prana through out the body. The day is for everyone as all asanas can be modified to your needs. This is a healing day where you will cleanse and clear and stimulate the relaxed response. The venue is The Blackdown Healthy Living Centre Cost £40 payable in full to confirm your place. I look forward to hearing form you. If you would like any further information please contact me. Places are limited so booking early is essential. Love & Light Lea-Ann

This workshop will also be run at The Sangha House on the 7th February starting at 1.30pm till 7pm. All booking to be done through The Sangha House.



Email Lea-Ann for availability, booking and further information.

Cancellation Policy;

Full payment in advance, refundable up to a month before the weekend. After that non-refundable unless I can fill the space.  In the event of a workshop being cancelled a full refund is made


Hemyock May 2017

What an absolutely fabulous day, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Great to catch up with you.
I will be going away on the 29th, hope to see you but if not wish you luck with the next bit & another workshop when you are back next time.
Love gill x
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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed today! It was lovely to see you again! Please keep me informed of any future workshops!

Susi xxx

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Hemyock March 2014

Hi Lea-Ann

I wanted to send you feedback on our last yoga workshop:


I felt terrible at the start of the day and considered staying at home. I’m very glad I came along. The day was a real tonic. The pace was exactly right, you offered a variety of different options for each section, depending on ability at that particular time. I felt like a new woman at the end of the day. Thanks!


Love, Lou x