Helping you to help yourself, guiding you to change postural habits both mentally and physically
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Work shops coming up in  October 2017




Wellington / Taunton



Holistic Energy Treatment, 

Brings balance to the systems of the body mentally and physically.  I will work with you to create a treatment plan that is modified to your own needs. 

Our bodies are amazing self-healing organisms, we have to make time to sensitise ourselves to feeling & listening to them.  Stimulating the relaxed response mode. Once the body is relaxed then healing can take place. The speed of our daily life stimulates our fight and flight response, we need to re-balance and stimulate relaxation into cellular memory. 

You will need 2 hours for a comfortable space of time. Time to communicate and digest.  No need to rush. The treatment it self is approximately an hour.   

After a consultation and a treatment advise will be given on how you can improve the flow of energy with in you.  This might be by adding foods into your diet. Increasing relaxation into your life. Exercise plan to strengthen your physical body or mental body.  What is important is for you to know you can make changes, at first we have to notice our problems then we can chnage them and to do this we can ask for help.

Cost £40.00


   Work shops held 3 times a year

Spring The time to remove the cobwebs from winter. February/March  

Summer before the rush of the holidays. May/June    

Autumn, After the business of summer, time to give back to yourself. October           


About Me


Lea-Ann has been a complementary therapist since 1994  and a Hatha yoga teacher for 2004. 

She has spent her adult life learning about herself and how her body works. Having been born with a deformity which resulted in visits to a mobility centre 'till she was 27; she spent all of her life in some degree pain, periods in a wheelchair and corrective operation.

Yoga has been the tool throughout her life which enabled her to strengthen muscles & realign joints. The result is she now has control of her healing and needs no corrective operations.

She teaches from an point of understanding that we all come to yoga with non-perfect bodies, lots of us have pain somewhere & our minds are full with a busy life. 

Yoga is for you and can be modified to any lifestyle and moulded to your own needs. You start from where you are & just keep learning. The longer you apply the principles the more benefit you will gain. Slowly you can change anything.  

She believes with time we are all able to enhance our life by taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. 

Yoga is a tool you grow with to become more aware of your habits and those which need changing. It is no quick fix but it is far better then doing nothing!

Holistic Therapy

Lea-Ann was also born with eczema and so was her son. This was the driver for her to train to become a therapist.  

Having studied for 25 years she found different routes and combinations for self-healing. It was and still is a journey that takes a life-time & has taken her in many different directions. She's learnt about the effects of products, food, nutrition, exercise & life-style.

Having worked in the industry for 11 years she found the constant use of products were actually causing eczema - a lifestyle learning for her.

So she then went into teaching. Lecturing for 6 years she taught massage, anatomy & physiology and all aspects of beauty therapy at SCAT in Taunton.

Today I work with energy beings we are.  There are many ways to treat the body and mind.  Many therapies out there.  The best one for you is yourself, to learn to trust what is right for you and then use all the tools you need.  Do a form of physical exercise and eat a nutritional diet, have a relaxation practice, meditation practice.  Yoga has all of these ingredients and has helped me understand the need of effort.  As we are human and it is hard to keep to everything all of the time then you can try for 80% on it and 20% off of it. So there is no mean judgement towards yourself when you go out and drink and love too much food etc.

See you soon. Lea-Ann


"so relaxed I fell into a deep state of being during my 15 minute wind-down at the end of the class" - Thank you Lea-Ann! (Tom Tingley, Wellington)

Yoga Work Shop November 2013 Blackdown Healthy Living Centre

Hi Lea Anne

Just would like to say how much I enjoyed the day. Found it very good as a beginner and even managed to do some of the more difficult positions. Looking forward to improving my flexibility.
Lunch was yummy too.

Thank you so much.

Jackie x

Yoga Work Shop February 2014 Blackdown Healthy Living Centre

"Lee Ann always creates a great group dynamic while ensuring that one is treated as an individual. As someone with considerable health problems I feel safe in her hands. The meal together at the end completes an instructive and enjoyable day."

Hi Lea-Ann


I wanted to send you feedback on our last yoga workshop:


I felt terrible at the start of the day and considered staying at home. I’m very glad I came along. The day was a real tonic. The pace was exactly right, you offered a variety of different options for each section, depending on ability at that particular time. I felt like a new woman at the end of the day. Thanks!


Love, Lou x

Hi Lea-Ann
Just a very big thank you - it was a very nurturing day in all senses!
I am sure our paths will meet again
Best wishes

Hi Lea-Ann,
The workshop was wonderful and the time passed very quickly, so I must have enjoyed it.
I find that the workshops offer something special to people who have been doing yoga for a few weeks or for many years. All are catered for. The day is fun and light hearted, while we go deeper into the postures, breathing and awareness of our own selves.
I love them. 

See you Thursday

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